CI has a lot of experience with both old and new hardware, so we're the perfect choice to help you upgrade or move your existing automation system. When it comes to manufacturing, big spending decisions should be thought through carefully, but it's often worth the cost to upgrade or move when you're dealing with really old PLCs that the manufacturer doesn't support anymore. Upgrading your system's technology can also help you make more money by fixing inefficiencies in your machines. And if you want to go even further, we can help you incorporate the latest technologies like IIoT, cloud computing, and machine learning. Whether you need a quick switch or want to make the most of an upgrade, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

TROUBLESHOOTING Automation equipment

When equipment malfunctions or fails to operate as expected, it can result in significant financial losses. Complex distributed systems typically consist of various subsystems, equipment sourced from multiple manufacturers, and diverse communication protocols. Identifying the source of an issue within such systems can be challenging.

At our company, we've invested in developing a comprehensive understanding of industrial automation technologies, enabling us to effectively troubleshoot your system and pinpoint the root cause of any problems. Our expertise spans from top-tier Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to intricate embedded devices. This means you won't need to engage multiple engineers to diagnose and resolve your issues.

COMMISSIONING Automation Projects

The commissioning phase represents a pivotal stage in any automation project, and it's during this phase that exceptional integrators truly distinguish themselves. We recognize that every delay during commissioning directly affects your financial performance. Therefore, our seasoned engineers at CI prioritize rapid and efficient execution when working on-site.

Moreover, our broad expertise across various domains enables us to swiftly identify potential issues on-site and promptly escalate them to the relevant personnel. Whether you require additional support for your existing commissioning team or are embarking on a project from square one, CI is well-equipped to provide the assistance you need.